About Financial Wellness News

Purpose & Strategy

Financial Wellness News is a complete, turn-key client education and communications strategy. Designed to help organization members enhance relationships by staying in touch with their clients through a service that is “all about the client.” This clientele-centric approach not only strengthens relationships, but helps maintain important top-of-mind-awareness that leads to additional business and valuable referrals. All individuals have a desire to improve their financial status so that they and their families can stay safe and secure. Education is key and now organizations and companies can play a proactive role in helping their members help their clientele achieve financial wellness.Organizations with their own publication increase its name recognition and professional image within the communities.

Publication content is presented through a hybrid approach built around “interests” and “concerns.” Meaning:

  • Interests: topics related to the particular industry (e.g. mortgage industry)
  • Concerns: financial wellness related topics clients are always interested in. Such as building a safe and secure financial future for their family, preventing fraud, planning for college, becoming retirement ready, etc.


Financial Wellness News is a presented from a true digital platform (not a PDF) and is accessible on any device. It’s unique nature allows for a featured video to be viewed directly from the publication located in the company or organization’s customized identification area near bottom of the front page (see example). All content topics are custom written by professional writers (5 and 6 star) who have extensive experience and expertise for those topic subjects.

Why Financial Wellness News for Your Clientele?

Money and stress are two sides of the same coin. Millions of families live on the financial edge, which can lead to a significant monetary crisis if an unexpected setback occurs. If you don’t have substantial savings or reserves, then it’s time to seriously think about stabilizing your future. Improving financial wellness for your clientele, in addition to any other product or service you offer, should be a clear priority for you. This demonstrates you truly have their best interest at heart, even when not making a sale… and this can only lead to better relationships.

Financial wellness involves looking at four key domains: savings, expenses, debt, and risk protection. Here are a few reasons why being smart with your money is crucial for your family’s future:

Managing Stress can be Time-Consuming

Managing finances can be a stressful endeavor and achieving a comfortable place takes a considerable amount of time. Without control of your financial health, you take your worries with you everywhere you go, which can affect your physical and mental health. Lack of sleep and concerns about your financial situation can result in the loss of focus and less productivity. You’re likely stressed because you want to keep your family safe and comfortable, which is where financial wellness comes in.

Preparing for the Worst

When your financial health is unstable, what happens if your son breaks his arm, your car breaks down, or you get laid off? These are the kinds of situations that could bring trouble to your family. Life can throw heavy hurdles, and being unprepared can quickly result in increased debt when an emergency arises. Being financially well means being prepared to face unexpected moments in life.

Safeguard the Future of Your Kids

Part of financial wellness involves looking at the future of your children. Each level of education can bring considerable changes to your family’s financial plan. Transportation, education, and healthcare needs will vary and need to be addressed as a cohesive whole. 

As your child moves from one level of education to the next, so will the increase in tuition, and mind you, this is one cost that has skyrocketed over the years. To safeguard the life of your child and teach them to be responsible with money, it’s important to work on your family’s financial wellness and achieve optimal results.

Figuring out the amount of money needed for your financial goals is key to financial wellness. Financial Wellness News was created to help with the management of today’s money matters and planning for the future. Subscribing to this publication can help you achieve a manageable financial life today, build a retirement plan, decide which life insurance option gives your family the best protection, and many other smart money strategies.

Below are just a few of the topics that will be covered…..and there are many more


  • Tips and Strategies for Saving on A Tight Budget
  • Protecting Your Identity
  • Creating a Retirement Paycheck
  • What Every Child Should Know About Their Aging Parents Finances (and How to Protect Your Own)
  • Becoming Retirement Ready
  • Buying a home
  • Refinancing a home
  • Teaching kids about finances


  • Debt Elimination
  • Saving for emergencies
  • Retirement planning
  • College planning
  • Budgeting
  • Personal finance
  • Developing a Spending Plan
  • Understanding Credit and Reducing Debt
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